American Nightmare - Background Music

Saturday at 9:26 PM
"Hardcore from Boston, that is the place I think of when I think of hardcore and American Nightmare provide just that. This is one of the heaviest slabs of angry hardcore that has ever hit the streets of Boston. When you think about it, the boys of Boston have probably been bred on the NY scene so why should they be any different. American Hardcore formed back in 1999 and after thrashing fans at their live shows they got a deal with Bridge Nine. Before they new it they were signed to the influential Equal Vision label and were in the studio for Background Music (produced by NY hardcore Dean Baltulonis (Madball, Right Brigade, Ten Yard Fight). This album is most definitely not for the faint-hearted as it is a terror of a hardcore album. I am amazed at how Wes Eisold can slam his voice like he does, night after night, and still talk the next morning. When you are through the 11 track that American Nightmare put you through, you will be begging the 5-piece for mercy."


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