American Nightmare - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter

Friday at 2:36 AM
"A part of me was hoping they wouldn’t progress very much, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it right? However they did change, quite a bit in my opinion. It’s sort of like they focused more on being nuts then composing songs with a lot of elements, which turns out to be a good thing at times. It has gotten more metal, less old school and the lyrics seem even darker. American Nightmare’s lyrics are intense and emotional, often dealing with “heart break” and things like that. One of the best things about American Nightmare are these emotional lyrics. Included in this 5 song 7” is 2 covers, one by the amazing Boston band The Trouble and one by the classic NYHC Cro-Mags, both are excellent but The Trouble cover is my favourite track on the 7”. Finally, the last great thing about American Nightmare is the artwork on both 7”s, dark and extremely well done, it’s quite obvious that the guy that did this 7”s artwork will have a career in art."


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