Anthrax - Spreading the Disease

Friday at 8:01 PM

Much like their cross country genre-mates, Anthrax plays a standard thrash metal song. This is of course is why they're part of the Big Four, no questions asked. The lead/rhythm guitar tandem of Scott Ian and Dan Spitz is incredibly tight. Any song on the album can show you that. The pair's performance is superb, and helps define the album's sound. Each song contains several pedal to the metal riffs which do not cease to amaze me. As any excellent thrash metal record does, they contain excesses of energy and aggression. One of the band's more popular songs, Madhouse is an excellent example of the attitudes of Anthrax, and the effort they put into their music. The excellent musicianship that is present in the recording is also very evident, as Anthrax does not have a member that is significantly weaker than another. Fans will definitely get their money's worth in this area."


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