Archers of Loaf - Icky Mettle

Wednesday at 3:53 PM

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"While a lot of indie rock groups during the 90's had sort of a slacker edge to them Archers of Loaf show a lot of intensity. With two guitar players in the band the music is extremely fuzzy, chaotic, and messy. The hard rocking guitar riffs create a wall of sound, Eric Bachmanns angst ridden vocals are buried deep in the mix of crashing guitars and rumbling bass-lines. Most of the songs are around two to three minutes long and this benefits the listener because if the songs went on any longer then your head may start to hurt. Although musically Archers of Loaf are very loud and unorganized their songs are still very addicting and catchy.

After listening to Icky Mettle for the first time the songs sound kind of similar. There are a few angular breaks in a couple of songs but for the most part the music is in your face never giving you a chance to take a break. The music goes from the pop-punk riffs of Wrong and Hate Paste to angst-ridden indie-rock tunes (Last Word, You And Me) to insane noisefests (Sickfile, Slowworm) to the occasional subdued track (Plumb Line). I’ll admit that Icky Mettle does not show a great deal of diversity but it features just enough to get by without being repetitive. "

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