At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

Tuesday at 2:42 AM

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"As well as their flare for heavier writing is shown on Slaughter of the Soul, all is not lost. Many tracks contain incredible melodic moments as well as others reminiscent of their older Gothenburg. The twin guitar shredding on Blinded by Fear adds emotion to an otherwise violent song. The lead guitar tremolo picking in the middle of Under a Serpent Sun is a remembrance of Terminal Spirit Disease-style riffing. The pace is appropriately slowed by the first of the two instrumental tracks, Into the Dead Sky, with a acoustic playing that almost seems to tell us that the end is near. The Flames of the End could not be a more somber way to end the album. Melody is not lost on the final At the Gates album at all, it simply goes hand-in-hand with music that sent the band away leaving fans wanting more."


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