Bongzilla - Apogee

Thursday at 5:15 PM

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"Bongzilla, Bongzilla...the heavy riff killa's...
These guys have paved a warm spot inside of my heart ever since I witnessed them a few years back. Their sound is heavy, driving, bluesy, hardcore... Much in the likes of Eyehategod, Sour Vein, Sleep...but difference of course...
I had the opportunity to play with these cats on several occasions on the same bill and already had heard a handful of these tunes.
The riffs totally chug along with heavy ease...lots of little time tempo changes, but plenty of grooves. Throw in the most blood shrilling vocals and about 20lbs. of hash... These guys are of hardcore punk descent for sure.

The stuff on the newest CD Apogee seems to be a mix of live, newer studio stuff, and a previously released 7" record. Cool mix of tunes, all super heavy and punishing throughout. The live songs are of decent recording quality as well and it gives you an idea of how tight these guys are live. More of the agressive upbeat hardcore stuff is witnessed as well...
This album is the best release by Bongzilla so far, and I have heard 'em all. The best track on this 7 song CD to me is track 3- Grim Reefer... It's got the heavy money riff on the CD for sure and is a hook line and sinker in sludge doom... The marijuana references are not a joke. Spanky once told me that if I need to get stoned to simply just 'go stand next to Muleboy for 5 minutes...' -it worked.

I am proud of these cats for keeping me thoroughly entertained over the years and never letting me down musically... I can't wait to see them this May in Ohio at the Emissions Fest...that and to get my fuzz pedal back from Spanky that I lent him a year ago...hehehe... just kidding of course, but seriously- Sleep fans, Eyehategod fans, Sourvein...come forth and indulge."


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