Breach - Kollapse

Monday at 5:27 PM

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"Breach are not what you could call normal. Unconventional in all respects they avoid any form of classification at all costs. They’re a band that leads you to an eerily beautiful solace, alleviating you of all conscious annoyances, offering you Martini & fine wines while secretly deceiving you and plotting a more sinister assault on the senses.

‘Big Strong Boss’ is a track that teases you, leading you to that sparkly, yet eerie, place where nothing quite seems right but scantily clad babes still appear to see to your every need. Think the video to Smashing Pumpkins’ 'Zero'. That is until the mirage suddenly and very frighteningly dissipates with the arrival of ‘Old Ass Player', turning the skies black and an altogether more fearsome force bellows from the seas with such awesome ferocity to blow you to the next galaxy. And the agonizing pleading from their vocalist in the lines “let me rest for a while! SEE! ME! THROUGH!” only serves to add to your nightmare experience. Think Lord of The Rings. Think Indiana Jones’s worst nightmare. Think a really bad trip.

With Breach nothing is ever quite what it seems."

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