Buried at Sea - Ghost

Wednesday at 5:28 PM

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"No, Ghost is not as heavy as Migration, Buried at Sea's three song debut from back in 2003. But few things that occur naturally in this world are, so I can't fault the band for coming up short in that regard. Nor can I fault them for the gloriously evil sounding Ghost. It's two seconds shy of 30 minutes, tuned to the key of despair, and broken down into a series of movements that touch upon not only Migration's sound but also that of Minsk, vocalist/guitarist/producer Sanford Parker's other band. There are more ethereal effects peppered throughout the song, serving as background ambiance as the bass, drums, and guitars grow louder and more forceful.

What's most interesting about Ghost is that it's actually a collection of recordings from 2005 and 2006. The band's managed to splice these separate, distinct pieces together to form an almost linear story. An instrumental as a narrative? That would be the case with Ghost. And while I'm not clear on the specifics, it's a chilling tale they're telling all the same. While Ghost lacks the immediacy of Migration, it still exemplifies what the band is all about - creating a sense of despair and ruin. It's beautiful music. And recommended."


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