Cave In - Jupiter

Wednesday at 5:07 PM

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"In the sleeve notes of this CD, Cave In's thanks go to bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge and Snapcase, bands well known for their walls of harsh sound. You would be forgiven for thinking that Cave In is just another hardcore band from Massachusetts. But upon placing the CD in the tray, you hear nothing of their influences. This CD has quite a unique vibe, not least from the guitar effects, cover art and the title itself, Jupiter.

The band has two very obvious assets in the form of their singer, Stephen Brodsky and their drummer, John Robert-Connors. Stephen’s voice could be compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley with the highs and lows that he can reach. One minute he is singing notes that I’m sure most grown men would struggle to reach (In The Stream Of Commerce) and the next minute he is growling away in the fashion of most metal vocalists (Big Riff). Given the fact that he also plays guitar on this release, his vocal range is a considerable feat. Robert-Connor’s drumming is also strong, thundering down the lines with a very basic feel. He drums powerfully, so that he is always audible but never overpowers the other instruments."


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