CKY - Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild

Wednesday at 11:35 PM

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"Good points
- a sense of melody is never missing from this album, its brilliant.
- the lyrics flow, they never sounds forced.
- the music isn't necessarily showcasing complexity or technical skill, just showing an ear for a bloody good tune the whole time (although I am a fan of bands like Cynic and Atheist, and such showcasing can be good).

Bad points
- You'll spend ages trying to work out what musical influences are on it. My vague references to Husker Du and stoner rock bands could easily have the mighty Led Zeppelin added to them, whereas the band themselves have cited references such as Mr Bungle, Zappa, Mudhoney, Cannibal Corpse (!) and many others besides. Seriously, if anyone can help me out with what this is classed as, don't hesitate to.
- Plastic Plan, which, I feel, lets the album quite a bit.
- The length of the songs (all of them are fairly short).. its up to personal preference whether its a good or bad point.

Finally, despite my awfully samey descriptions of songs, no two tracks here sound similar; the band and the sound they produce are really unique.


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