Daft Punk - Discovery

Sunday at 11:31 PM
DL pt.1
DL pt.2
"But the fun doesn't stop there. "Aerodynamic" is one hell of an instrumental that features some of the most innovative uses of guitar that I've heard in dance music such as this in quite a long time. "Something About Us" is slow funk-lite, "Voyager" floats along on a cool musical breeze, and "Short Circuit" will have you recalling the good old days of hip-hop with its breakbeats and unmistakable '80s synth lines. With all this good stuff going on, there can't be any room for error, right? Wrong. Albums such as these usually have a couple clinkers, and Discovery is no different. "Crescendolls", "Superheroes", and "High Life" are all built around some quite annoying loops that don't really ever take off. It would have been all right if the loops themselves didn't come off sounding like skipping records, but they do and get annoying pretty fast. The three songs are decent if you're not concentrating on them, but if you're listening alone chances are that you'll probably be hitting the skip button a couple times to get around them. "


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