Dysrhythmia - Pretest

Monday at 5:07 PM


"Relapse Records, known for the soothing sounds of bands like Dying Fetus, Regurgitate and Pig Destroyer, is doing a little bit of a 180 — and Philadelphia avant-indie prog-metal band Dysrhythmia is taking that 180, dividing it into prime numbers and piecing together the entire fucking mess in 11/16. Basically, if Dysrhythmia’s name were any more apt, it would be touring under the decidedly unruly moniker …And You Will Know Us By The Fucked-Uppedness Of Our Time Signatures. Engineered by Big Black Steve Albini, this slice of herky-jerky calculus-core sounds like Albini’s pals in the Jesus Lizard and Don Caballero woodshedding through the Opeth catalog. Opener “Bastard” is all heart-stopping six-string bass polyrhythmics twisted out like Ruins for metalheads; “Running Shoe Of Justice” is like a propulsive Tomahawk B-side stretched out and mathed-up; and “Annihilation II” shows the choppy porkchops at work here know restraint as well, with some slow-building atmospherock, replete with Bill Bruford drum flurries for good measure. Four stars! Um, that is, four stars and a measure of 13/8. Just because"


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