Dystopia - The Aftermath

Friday at 7:52 PM

"Musically and lyrically, Dystopia covers the styles one would expect: ultra-heavy, sludge-dripping crust-metal, laden with disconcerting audio samples illustrating the misery that is living in modern society. Dino’s vocals are still some of the most intense I’ve ever heard -- they become more choked and desperate with every album, but it seems like he’s lost some of the nasal whininess that made his vocals on the first album so memorable. Dino’s drumming is as competent as always, although it’s a little less complex than some of the arrangements on The Aftermath. Guitarist Matt, a.k.a. Mauz, still plays with a mostly clean, shimmering tone that contrasts nicely with Todd’s intricate and distorted basslines. Unfortunately, Matt’s previously complementary vocal style has become a full-on death grunt in Dystopia, which serves to remove a lot of the pathos from his vocal parts. Dystopia does try a few things on this album that they had previously shied away from: “Illusion of Love” mixes up the rhythmic doom with some blast-beats, and “My Meds Aren’t Working” has some soft fingerpicking. "


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