Dystopia - Human = Garbage

Tuesday at 2:51 AM

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"Dystopia is basically one of my favorite crust band, and for many reasons. For one, they make very interesting music. Hell, if a band didn't make interesting music you probably wouldn't listen to them. Also, they find ways to make their music epic sounding, which involves a little doom influence.

Calling Dystopia a sludge band is so far stretched it makes me laugh. There's no sludge here people. Dystopia plays straight forward crust with some doom influences. Musically you can expect some fast and heavy, as well as the slow and epic stuff from them. I think they are quite legendary for this kind of stuff anyways. Sludge? no.

Musically, they are heavy at all times. The guitar has a very strong tone, and it keeps your attention 100% of the time. There is a lot of variation in tempo, as well as the main focus. Every instrument in this band gets its moment to shine very frequently. The bass is also very prevalent, which it always has in Dystopia, and would up until 2008 with their last album, which was self-titled. The bass is very heavy, deep, and very entertaining to listen to. They are especially fun to play. The drum lines are very different from other bands. The drummer is also the vocalist so Dystopia really doesn't do blast beats. The beats vary, but always include various symbols and bass pedal fills. The vocals include very vigorous, high pitched screams and some more death metal sounding growls. Everything in this band is enjoyable, in short.

Dystopia is a revolutionary crust band. I haven't heard a crust band like this before in my knowledge of the genre. They aren't repetitive, the songs are more than 20-30 seconds in length, and there is appealing musical skill and writing. Dystopia is a band who should be loved by all. They are plainly an awesome band. "


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