Eyehategod - Dopsick

Thursday at 9:08 PM

"But what really defines this album is the palpable sense of futility and anger generated by the band, and as such, "Anxiety Hangover," the last song, serves as the perfect summation for Dopesick. The song starts off with amped up feedback blues, Robert Johnson's "Last Fair Deal Gone Done," played with the distortion pedal locked on, while the singer screams unintelligible invectives most likely about addiction or depression or whatever else a poor, hungry, broken down junkie yells about; at about three minutes in, it switches to an up-tempo romp for a few measures before deteriorating into a feedback laden crawling swamp dirge, ending with what can only be called diseased howls and a breaking bottle (a fitting end, considering the album opens with the sound a bottle breaking and the singer moaning in pain)."

Why would you not want to download?


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