George Carlin - It's Bad For Ya

Wednesday at 5:23 PM

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"George Carlin's new stand-up comedy special aired last night on HBO. As usual, he displays his genius ability to easily grasp the obvious and presents it in a humorous light. He still has that uncanny ability to make people chuckle at the fact that we have no rights as American citizens. As he recently celebrated his 70th birthday, he gives us a humorous view of aging, dying, heaven, hell, and, of course, religion. At 70, he calls himself an "old @!$%#" which is, "kinda like a fat @!$%#," wherein "@!$%#" is a synonym for "fellow". "Who's the old @!$%#? That's Georgie. Georgie's the old @!$%#." He then segues into a detailed account of deleting dead people from his address book.

The theme to this act is, "It's all bull@!$%#, and it's bad for ya'." He rails against people trying to tell us who to idolize, false patriotism, and blind faith. All topics one would expect to hear from George Carlin, but no matter how many times he touches on these topics, he always brings a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at the issues, and this time is no different."


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