God Is An Astronaut - A Moment of Stillness

Monday at 9:08 PM

"GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT is an epic post-rock band with definite links to space rock sounds of bands such as Pink Floyd mixed with the heavy layers of Mono. They are known for their beautiful, heavily layered melodies, ambient vocals, and dynamic songs, as well as their extensive use of lights and visuals for their live shows. The band formed in 2002, and created their own record label, Revive Records, in order to release their first record "The End of the Beginning" the same year. After three years away from the studio, they went back to record the LP "All is Violent, All is Bright" in 2005. Since then, they have released an EP, "A Moment of Stillness" in early 2006, and an internet-only single "Tempus Horizon" in October. The band's lineup has remained the same since its inception, including Torsten Kinsella on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Neils Kinsella on Bass, Guitars and visuals, and Lloyd Hanney playing drums and synthesizers."


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