Grails - Burning off Impurities

Thursday at 7:53 PM

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"There are positives to this album though. With a more eclectic scope comes some really interesting sounds. I like the drones throughout the album as they don't cloy as much as the fake sitars. Overall, there are more instruments, more textures, more tonalities. There are just more sounds, if that makes sense. And while sometimes all of these cooks do spoil the broth, at least the album benefits from being a trip around the world. It's adventurous and explores new soundscapes and I do have respect for that. Another positive is the production. To balance all of these sounds requires some incredible engineering, and that's present on this album. If some of the songs aren't memorable at least some of the crazy sounds are. Another aspect I liked were the shorter songs that tended to be influenced by industrial and electronic music a little bit. "More Extinction" and "Drawn Curtains," have purposefully electronic beats amongst all of the natural instrumentation, which provides a really great contrast. Hearing a violin and acoustic guitar against a thudding, melted industrial beat is really interesting and successful. Also, on those shorter songs there seems to be a reliance on the concise songwriting of their Red Light style, which I've gushed over enough now. "


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