Graves at Sea - Documents of Grief

Wednesday at 5:10 PM

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"Originally released in 2003, this four song EP is a good introduction to a doom 'n' sludge band that's been making a name for itself with an intense live show that backs up the evil gruel they call music.

Documents of Grief is a four-song collection of cancerous dirges, a slow-moving and corrosive hate fucking for the ears. That sort of dismal noise is ok for some, but I prefer a little more depth and some sort of hook to get me more involved. "Red Monarch" and "Praise the Witch" offer just that, with the former's almost psychedelic guitar leads and the latter's bad mushroom trip groove. Just when you think you can't take any more of it, they loosen up just enough, and then drag you back down into their dank, dark hell."


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