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Thursday at 5:35 PM

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"What surprises me about His Hero Is Gone is how they've never managed to spread outside of the world of record collecting nerds and a few people who were around to see them in the 90s. They released consistently great records, did several big tours, and have influenced a ton of bands indirectly. Even just looking at the bands members of HHIG went on to be after the break-up points to how big their influence on hardcore punk has been (Tragedy, Deathreat, Severed Head of State and From Ashes Rise to name a few), and yet, for the most part, I rarely hear much about them.

This record was recorded with the original line-up. To me, the first album with the second guitarist, Monuments to Thieves, is their essential record, though everything they did was pretty much spot on. The version I ripped this from is the Coalition Records version, which was distroed in Europe. The 7" is way out of print and I don't even know what it would sell for, but the tracks are available on a CD with other rare songs called The Plot Sickens (link to the CD on Interpunk), on Great American Steak Religion (now called Feral Ward ) Records. "
-Going through the motions


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