Iron Monkey - Ruined by Idiots

Thursday at 5:40 PM

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"If one were to objectively rank the bands that have been ripping off Eyehategod since 1990, I'd wager a guess that Iron Monkey would be at or near the upper echelon. Not unlike most other underground American dirge/sludgecore acts, drugs, piss, and sexual dysfunction are oppressively present, but Iron Monkey are cutting the crap and getting straight to the source. These Brits have assembled what might be construed as an album's worth of Bower/Patton outtakes (unintentionally less bluesy, less explosive, more belabored) and a mix sounding straight out of Louisiana's Studio 13. No, they ain't Southerners, but by the sounds of this album, I'd surmise these guys have been indulging in a little too much Dixie Beer. Like I said, in a vacuum, this is festering, raging hatecore, and although hindered by an obvious lack of identity. It's a thundering, bruising slab of doom nonetheless. Slow-crawling rhythms with obnoxious vocals that are like a ballsier Emperor (no kidding!), more shrieked than bawled. Iron Monkey are that close to the middle tier; as it stands, however, their debut heart attack is merely second rate Eyehategod. In other words, if I saw this album second-hand, I'd buy it in a cocaine heartbeat."


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