Killa Tay - Mr. Mafioso

Friday at 7:31 PM

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"Personnel: Killa Tay, The Made Men, Mojay, Kingpins Only, Marvaless, Laroo, Pizzo, Doonie Baby, Lil Ric, C-Bo, O-Fed, J-Dubb, Probable Cauze, Mississippi, Tac, Unique, Huccabucc, Lunasicc, 151 (rap vocals); Howard (guitar).

Producers include: D-Wiz, Troy B, Killa Tay, B.C., D.J. Darryl.

Another player from the AWOL/Noo Trybe Records crew, Killa Tay drops West coast flavored tracks on his new release, MR. MAFIOSO. Both an artist and a producer, Killa Tay's debut is an exercise in smooth, laid-back Cali vibes. Hailing from Fresno, CA., Tay is favored with appearances from West Coast heavies like Marvaless ("Murda I") Lil Ric ("We Ride"), Lunasicc (My Past-Time") and Unique ("Blocc Monster") among others.

On of the standout tracks is "Big Dawgs," produced by DJ Darryl, where Killa Tay is joined by infamous Sacramento rapper and labelmate C-BO and Tay's big brother J-Dubb. Packed with sixteen tracks of hip-hop/ funk MR. MAFIOSO reveals to a nationwide audience what heads from Northern Cali have known about for years--West Coast hip-hop's thick flavor and deep bass-filled funk."


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