Minutemen - The Punch Line

Sunday at 1:48 AM
"The sound quality here obviously isn't the greatest since it was recorded under a tight budget and all in one nights take. But nevertheless, the production is not terrible and does not take any value away from the songs, which is very good. Even though the average song is under a minute (the longest song is Tension at 1:20), The Minutemen know how to make the most effective use of their time as they make eighteen fast, energetic songs. Throughout these eighteen songs, they show a variety of musical abilities that they would later capitalize on with their 1984 masterpiece, Double Nickels on the Dime. Aside from the basic punk rock, they incorporate funk, hard rock and even signs of jazz and country. In practically every song, the hard hitting creative bass lines from the very talented Mike Watt are noticeable, as well as the funky guitar riffs from Boon. D Boon sings the majority of the tunes, but Watt and Hurley also give their share of lead vocals, more so Mike. Watt still sings a good amount of songs including the album opener Search, as well as other tracks like Ruins and also the last three songs on the album, Gravity, Warfare and Static. Each have unique voices and at first they may sound similar, but with further listening, they can be easily be distinctable. Boon, the main singer here, has a rawer, more aggressive style of singing that he displays on Tension, while Watt has a somewhat cleaner sound. Either way, both sing very well and fit the music perfectly. Drummer George Hurley does have a small vocal part, where he partially sings the song Ruins, along with Mike."


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