Nasum - Inhale, Exhale

Friday at 12:46 AM
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""Inhale/Exhale" is the best Grindcore release I have ever heard, and for those of you who enjoy the workings of early NAPALM DEATH or the mighty TERRORIZER this is the release that surpasses the likes of "Scum" and "World Downfall", this is the release that in actual fact wipes the floor with them.

In "Inhale/Exhale" NASUM have surprisingly created a masterwork of an album by not allowing it to suffer from the two most complained about Grindcore faults (which are 1: Sheer noise where you can't make anything out. And 2: Too repetitive.) by making the guitars the more dominant instrument (yet keeping the phenomenal lightspeed drumwork) and utilising some more groove orientated riffs to really get your head banging.

Each track is noticeably different from the rest, which in itself is an amazing feat for ANY Grindcore band, keeping the album fresh and enjoyable for its entire listen. The songs themselves are well written and the dual vocals are fantastic and all this is cased in a top class production (with a little assistance from the great Dan Swano) to give us Metalheads what is and probably forever will be the greatest release in the history of Grindcore."


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