Nirvana - Incesticide

Wednesday at 4:06 PM

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"Missing are splendid covers of the Velvet Underground, Kiss and the Wipers, plus a half-dozen live tracks released elsewhere and even some of Nevermind's B sides. Incesticide's tracks are scattered – in no particular order – and drawn from a variety of sources, including Nirvana's first 1987 demo ("Hairspray Queen"), last Sub Pop single ("Sliver"/"Dive"), the import-only EP Hormoaning (less two tracks), assorted BBC sessions and two local compilations.

The chaos of the collection suggests a struggle to diffuse the burdens of fame. Following Nevermind is a creative straitjacket. Incesticide presents Nirvana in a host of settings, including a whimsical cover of a Devo B side ("Turn Around") and a pair of tunes from the Vaselines ("Molly's Lips," "Son of a Gun"), the Scottish band since mutated into Eugenius. It exposes ragged early sessions ("Downer," "Mexican Seafood"), reinvents "(New Wave) Polly," a troubling song about rape, and revives "Dive," "Sliver" and "Aneurysm." It creates breathing room."


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