Old Man Gloom - Meditations in B

Saturday at 9:38 PM

"Meditations in B is one of the darkest albums I have ever encountered. The presence overlapping the album is haunting and mystifying. “Afraid Of” starts innocently with a swaying guitar riff that soon jumps straight down the throat of the album with coarse vocals with pounding drums and bass guitar. “Afraid Of” sets an overall terrifying tone of what is upcoming that would leave one to think if they will need a hearing aid after the album is through. Their riffs are fast. Their riffs are slow. Some are melodic, but nothing lasting too long. As the next tracks pulsate through(“Flood I” and “Sonic Wave of Bees”), I feel a vibe from the release The Red Sea with certain breakdowns and guitar work involved. While The Red Sea was a brilliant piece in its own form, Meditations in B brings out a beast from within."


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