Pg. 99 - Document #7

Thursday at 7:41 PM

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"Document #7 is, obviously, the 7th release from the epic emo band Pg. 99. However, most releases are split 7” with other contemporaries of the band. At the time, Pg. 99 only had one full length album. Document #7 is plain haunting and epic. Epic guitars, powerful drums, and a deep bass sound all set the stage for the intense, powerful screaming. Clean vocals never make an appearance on the album. However, vocals, for the most part, are only used in climatic moments. At each moment, the band looks 2 minutes ahead, knowing exactly where they want to go and how to build to each moment. The intensity sways up and down, a constant pull of emotions. As far as technicality goes, the music is not all that impressive. The guitar riffs never show much virtuosity, trading many notes for long tones and big, crunchy riffs. The bass plays out when needed and simply serves as the root for the guitar at others. For the most part, in the slower, quieter parts, the bass creates just another melody to create a rush of sound. Once reaching the huge, epic sections, the bass plays down and creates a fantastic undercurrent. However, the drumming controls everything in the music. Buildups, tempo changes, and intensity are all up to the drummer and what he wants to do with the song. Jonny Ward happens to be perfect in that aspect. "


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