Phoenix Bodies - Raise the Bullshit Flag

Wednesday at 5:03 PM

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"Jesus. This is sort-of the hardest review I've ever written. Ok, it could be a case of "if you like Converge and mean it, you'll like Phoenix Bodies". Thing is, if you actually listen to Converge et al, you'll already have picked up these guys' splits with Raein and Shikari over the past couple of years and anticipated this release like the rest of us.

Ten songs, fifteen minutes, you know the score. It's Orchid-like in its low-fi mentalness, but throws in some really neat Usurp Synapse-style time changes and grooves like Ed Gein but more head-noddy. It's also predictably noisy as fuck, immediate, honest and totally refreshing.

On the other hand, if you read Kerrang! and enjoy metal/hardcore in general, Phoenix Bodiesanywhere so the chances of these guys getting much further than the hardcore circles they're already championed in are slim but if this release is what it takes to push people into the world of passionate and uncompromising heavy music then so be it. Fucking awesome."
will come across as so stimulating and original that this record might be the most important purchase of the year so far. You won't see this record being reviewed


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