Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin

Thursday at 7:57 PM
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"On Vicious Skin, Pulling Teeth draw heavily from two schools of thought, paying homage to mid-90's metallic hardcore and the pioneers of the crossover scene of the early 80's. The intro track, "Weeds," and the succeeding song, "Never Wrong," lean in the hardcore direction. Both prominently feature wicked guitar solos provided by guitarist Dom Romeo over a backdrop of heavy metallic hardcore - think Integrity's Systems Overload. And when he's not shredding a solo in Melnick fashion, Romeo and fellow guitarist Tony Hare are laying down blistering licks and the occasional breakdown. "Bleeding to Death" is another prime example of this sound.

On the opposite side of things, we've got tracks like "Prepare for the Worst." The songwriting of this track is a lot more reminiscent of early crossover acts like D.R.I. than it is of the previous tracks. Pulling Teeth revisit this sound throughout Vicious Skin with the highlight moment being the title track, which shares a lot in common with South of Heaven-era Slayer.

Pulling Teeth mix these two similar yet clearly defined sounds up over the rest of the album. The resulting mixture does yield some overlapping in styles. "Heretic" and "Weapons of Mosh Destruction" are short blasts of hardcore, but with very prominent thrash-metal moments and significant use of double bass in the drumming."


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