Rigor Mortis - Freaks

Friday at 10:15 PM

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"Rigor Mortis helped to pioneer the death and thrash metal scenes respectively. Their first album was a classic and "Freaks" only refines that sound. The production on "Freaks" is excellent, every instrument can be heard perfectly. The vocals are also captured brilliantly in the mix. The guitar playing of Mike Scaccia here would probably be damn near impossible to ever recreate.

As with all of Rigor Mortis's lyrics, the lyrics on "Freaks" are very off the wall. While their first album was obsessed with comic book themes and visualizations of gore, "Freaks" has a bit more diversity in the lyrics. As a whole, I feel that the lyrics are about alienation and feeling like an outcast in a society you simply can't fit in with. Simply put, the lyrics are excellent on the whole EP. They do revisit their gore theme in the song "Cattle Mutilation" though.

I really can't say anything bad about the drumming, Rigor Mortis have always had a solid drummer. Harden Harrison always does an awesome job keeping up with Scaccia's insane lead work. The bass is audible, and with the drums they form a solid backbone for Scaccia to twist the scales of musical expectations at will.

"The Haunted" has absolutely incredible guitar leads throughout the whole song and the chorus is especially memorable as well. The drumming on this song is also great. All of the songs flow in succession to form a very disturbing concept album from hell of sorts."


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