Rwake - Hell Is a Door to the Sun

Thursday at 11:34 PM

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"Rwake (pronounced "Wake") is a stoner-sludge-doom metal band from Arkansas. They've been around since 1996 but have only recently begun to penetrate the middle-class irony demographic (pitchforkmedia gave last year's Voices of Omens an 8.0 rating; I tried to find something to make fun of in the review but it's more-or-less accurate, I guess). Sprawling, dirty metal epics, lyrical themes include getting stoned before school, the sounds of metal music being a cause of mental retardation in the children of pregnant concert-goers, being visited by the ghost of Satan and his angels.

Recommended if you have any interest in metal at all. This is the whole discography minus their 97 demo and a split disc with Sloth; if anyone has those I'd be interested in hearing them. Of what's here I recommend If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die first, then get Voices of Omens and Hell Is A Door To The Sun. The others are worth it if you're a doomhead, but not essential." -puke skywalker


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