Skitsystem - Stigmata

Friday at 3:18 PM

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"What’s up with Swedish bands and Skit? I can’t keep count of the number of Skitbands, while I can’t even think of one bandname containing "poep" or "schijt". Where the bandname might sound a bit immature, the issues the band addresses are serious: oppression, rape, racism... life in Sweden seems to be in no way better than in Holland. The only good thing about living on such a giant piece of shit like our world is that it makes some people angry, very angry, so angry the only thing they can do that will not get them in prison is start a raging band. These guys did just that, and released a respectable stack of records in the last 10 years.

Musically this isn’t anything new, but who expects anything original from a band like this? This is a wall of noise that last for a little over 30 minutes, fast old-fashioned crustcore along the lines of Avskum, Disfear, Totalitär. It rages, tears and burls, with a short guitarsolo or interesting bassline here and there to keep you interested. The only thing that bugs me is the production, who did the production and what band did he think he was producing? This sounds very clear and open, I guess any metalcore band would kill for a production like this, but it doesn’t fit Skitsystem. This must sound as least as filthy as the world we’re living in, you just have to hear rats and bugs crawling around and the bandmembers sipping their beers during the songs. When I looked in the booklet I was even more in doubt, Frederik Nordström, who also produced the first 3 Skitsystem records, produced this. He should know how to produce a record like this, what the fuck happened? But apart from that, they are pissed, I am happy, but I still like Gra Värld/Svarta Tankar better."


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