Sleep - Dopesmoker

Wednesday at 5:19 PM

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"This album is a mammoth release from stoner kings, Sleep. They take one riff, and cram it in your brain for 63 minutes and 31 seconds. Some people might find this tiring but I find it very enjoyable. This track has all the things you would come to expect from stoner rock/Doom band, Fuzzed out guitars, Booming Groovy bass, and drums that don't disappoint. The lyrical content is kinda silly, its about ancient people on a search for weed.This is one of those albums where you have to listen to the whole thing to get it, even then you most likely still wont get it, and will probobly hate it.

The epic monster that is Dopesmoker starts off with a slow, churning riff, that almost hypnotizes you for the first 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the drums finally kick in, and that same riff keeps pulling you in, deeper and deeper. Changing ever so slightly, and grows more intense until at about 6:30 when the bass starts its groove and kicks in. It keeps building and building until at 7:30 when the bottom drops out and the brass starts crashing it sounds like a wave just washing everything away, except that riff, that riff keeps going. Then Matt throws in this fill a couple times that sounds like it was sent from god himself. It's not amazingly technical but it just sounds holy. The groove kicks back in even deeper then before, and you feel like you're on this journey, with them. Then at 8:25 the vocals kick in and you know exactly what wave length these guys are on.


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