The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, the Lord Has Left Us

Tuesday at 3:45 PM

"This album was recorded in a very interesting way. During the recording process no one saw each other. The drummer would write a song, and their producer Rich Balling, would send the finished track to the guitarist, and so on and so forth. Both of TSAOF’s albums have been recorded this way. The album starts off with “Intro.” Normally I wouldn’t mention the intro’s but this one is surprisingly important. The reason why, is cause it is very chaotic. When the listener is used to hearing the technical guitar riffs of Tiger & The Duke, “Intro” will help them decide whether or not the like LTLHLU. For me I didn’t like it. Not one bit. Then after listening to the album a couple times, I fell in love. Then comes Un’aria. Both these track and the later track “Un’aria Ancora.” Both of these tracks are Craig Owens singing solo. No other instruments are being played. Only one amazing voice. In my opinion it show’s Craig’s true vocal talent."


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