Terror - One With the Underdogs

Sunday at 2:01 AM
"One With The Underdogs is quite longer that the first Terror album. It last more than 30 minutes, it is maybe a bit short but you still have 13 songs to taste. I really like how Terror sound, it is agressive, powerful and loud. Their sound is influance by a lot of old school hardcore bands, with the addition of metallic riffs. Well in fact, I really like the guitar job. Sometime fast, sometime slower, the guitar make feel is presence in each song. You will hear awesome breakdowns and great riffs on this album. The bass guitar do the job but could be a little bit louder. As for the drum, Nick Jett do an awesome job. The drum is loud and give the right rythme to every tracks. He can also play really fast which make some songs even better. As for the vocal, I just can't complain about it. It's Scott Vogel, he is one of my favorite hardcore vocalist. The way he yell is quite impressive, he give a lot of energy to each songs. So, in overall,the sound is great. Also the production quality is much better than for Lowest Of The Low. You will also hear great amount of good songs. The first song, the agressive One With The Underdogs, is an amazing opening and also a great taste of what will come next.You will also find Overcome which is one of my personal favorite. This song have impressive guitar riffs and also awesome breakdown. You will also hear nice back up shout during the song which give a lot of vigor to it. "

What a stupid fucking cover, though.


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