Terrorizer - World Downfall

Saturday at 2:36 PM
"Engineered by the legendary Scott Burns (who also worked on the best grindcore album ever, Misery Index), World Downfall is chaulk-full of amazing songs, sixteen to be exact. From theinitial double bass hits of "After World Oblieration" to the fade out of "World Downfall," the listener is barraged with images of corporate greed, nuclear war, zombies, and possibly your own sterility. Such themes (as typical as they may be) work well with the vicious riffing and Oscar Garcia's low grunts. "Dead Shall Rise" is the relentless highlight, never letting up in brutality and pace. Resisting to throw up the horns or claws to lyrics like "THE DEAD SHALL RISE FROM THE GRAVE TO DESTROY ALL MANKIND" is futile. Just try not to, you pansy. Much of World Downfall's appeal lies in its consistency; you won't find a single weak riff, bum note, or botched drum hit anywhere on this album. It's an inalienable classic. Fuck off."


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