Cryptopsy - None So Vile

Thursday at 7:25 PM

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"This album has long been considered by many fans of extreme music to be one of the greatest death metal/grind albums of all time. There aren't really many standout tracks on the album and there are no weak points whatsoever. Some of the more well known tracks such as "Slit Your Guts" and "Phobophile" are some of the albums best tracks but lesser known tracks like "Lichmistress" are almost equally good. The album is not long, but an average length for an album in it's genre. Despite only having 8 songs, Cryptopsy make their artistic statement the short 30 minutes of music that is "None So Vile". In the track, "Phobophile", the band use a piano intro which is soft, and sad sounding. After the piano, the band use some guitar feedback and build it up with a bass riff. After hearing the previous five songs, the lister expects the band to keep building it into a typically heavy Cryptopsy song, however, the band pull out another surprise, messing with the listener's brain and proving that Death Metal, as dumb as the sounds may be to a first time listener, is much more than "just noise"."


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