Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold

Sunday at 3:23 AM
"The standout aspects of this band are definitely the guitar work and the vocals, both individually and in the interplay between them. Whoever writes the guitar parts in this band is a riff machine and I enjoy that fact that all the parts have more than just solid hardcore groove but are also pleasingly melodic. Over-top that, the vocals are well-paced and the vocalist has a very individual sound to his attack, sometimes pronouncing words in strange ways that is likely a symptom of his heartfelt delivery. What might be his secret weapon, however, is that he knows exactly his place in the music. He knows not to shout over the best riffs and works his words into the right spots between the guitar accents. For an example of this, check out the vocal and guitar interaction on side two opener “Street Lights,” and on the last track, “Between the Sheets,” where a minute and a half of solid riffing goes by before the vocals come in for just the last 20 seconds. In the over-the-top world of hardcore, restraint can be a powerful tool. "


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