Zombie Apocalypse - This is a Spark of Life

Tuesday at 4:29 PM


*Musicianship - excellent guitars and drums, with equal parts of speed, hardness and technicallity.
*Subject matter - come on, zombies? I love it.
*Lyrics - although I've barely touched upon the lyrics, they are great. As pretentious as Shai Hulud could be, as perfect are the lyrics in Zombie Apocalypse.
*Vocals - Harsh, hoarse and fits like a glove to the music.

*Production - swings from being perfectly imperfect to being bad in places. Very uneven.
*Vocals - Yes, both a pro and a con. But the lyrics can be hard to make out, and they intertwine to the point of incohesiveness at times.
*Song/album lenght - although short songs are awesome, it could've been better if it was longer.
*Two "filler" songs - #5 and #8 (although still good)


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