Zozobra - Harmonic Tremors

Friday at 4:23 PM
"Zozobra is a side project of Caleb Scofield (Cave In / Old Man Gloom) and Santos Montano (Foresnsics / Old Man Gloom). Harmonic Tremors is a merry-go-round of doom metal ridden on the flaming horses of Scofield’s growl and some absolutely devastating guitar riffs. The album starts off with the harmonious soft crooning and relatively soft guitars (definite Cave In sound here) of “The Blessing.” It’s a rather upbeat song, one of the more bright and smiling tracks on the album. That is until about four minutes in, and the soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic world that Zozobra seems all too fitting to live in kicks in. Everything slows down and everything gets heavier. The end of “The Blessing” previews what is truly the overbearing weighty nature of Harmonic Tremors. While tracks such as “Soon to Follow” and “Kill and Crush” do exactly what the latter suggests, little atmospheric moments in “Leviator” are peppered throughout; it doesn’t lighten the overall mood, though. These atmospheric moments have all the pressure of sitting at the bottom of the ocean with those creepy fish with lights on their heads. "


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