Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines

Saturday at 4:54 PM

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"1. The Blessed Dead: This album starts out heavy, and ends heavy. It starts with a black-metalish intro, and quickly turns to blastbeats and quick guitar riffs. The vocals on this song are some of my favorite. They blend extremely well with the music. You can definately sense some Egyptian roots in this music. 5/5

2. Execration Text: This song starts out extremely fast, just like typical Nile, and doesn't stop. The first riff is very fast, and well written. The first solo is slower at first, nothing complicated, but then it changes into another Egyptian based riff/solo. These type of songs (almost every song on this album is this way) are very hard to review, because the riffs change so often. Either way, I give this song 4/5

3. Sarcophagus: Starts out a bit slower, again, sensing the egyptian style. Even the drums have a bit of an influence. I love the first riff in this song. It is slower (for Nile that is) and the growls are haunting. I love how the vocalist can actually pronounce his words. (even though they aren't completely clear) Good song. 4/5

4. Kheftiu Asar Butchiu: This song starts off extremely fast with blastbeats, and badass fills by the drummer. I love the chorus in this song when the vocalist(s) are growling something...I can't tell what it is, not even with the lyric book :( but it sounds like "from". They say it quite a few times. Ah, I love the solo in this song. Technical, and blends well. Great song. 5/5

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