Brian Posehn - Nerd Rage

Saturday at 9:46 PM

A giant comedian.

Acid Bath - When the Kite String Pops

at 9:41 PM

"This is one of the most diverse albums to ever emerge from the United States. I cannot pinpoint exactly what category musically to put Acid Bath in. I hear doom and death as well as black and sludge elements. Even thrash and melodic rock emerge at some point. Lets just say that Acid Bath were ahead of their time so much that they are revered as legends only 10 years after their departure from the metal world. Dax, for starters, is a very interchangeable vocalist. His range can go from extremely melodic to as extreme as screaming can get. This Jekyl and Hyde personae works well with Sammy's blackened screams and the rest of the bands different methods and tones."


Old Man Gloom - Meditations in B

at 9:38 PM

"Meditations in B is one of the darkest albums I have ever encountered. The presence overlapping the album is haunting and mystifying. “Afraid Of” starts innocently with a swaying guitar riff that soon jumps straight down the throat of the album with coarse vocals with pounding drums and bass guitar. “Afraid Of” sets an overall terrifying tone of what is upcoming that would leave one to think if they will need a hearing aid after the album is through. Their riffs are fast. Their riffs are slow. Some are melodic, but nothing lasting too long. As the next tracks pulsate through(“Flood I” and “Sonic Wave of Bees”), I feel a vibe from the release The Red Sea with certain breakdowns and guitar work involved. While The Red Sea was a brilliant piece in its own form, Meditations in B brings out a beast from within."

Envy - A Dead Sinking Story

at 9:35 PM

"There’s something special about Envy; something so profound and insightful that it surpasses all orthodoxy, transcending all stereotypes, and forges its place as a rare gem. Nothing about Envy is conventional, and with that being said, it’s hard to place them in any specific genre (screamo seems to be the preferred stereotype). Envy's 2003 epic release, A Dead Sinking Story, widens the gap of convention with its intriguing stylistic diversity, raw, emotive vocals, and its ability to create entrap its listener into a subduing atmosphere lulling him into the brilliance that is Envy."

Abominable Iron Sloth - The Abominable Iron Sloth

at 9:31 PM
"Difficult as it is to resist awarding The Abominable Iron Sloth's eponymous debut album five stars based solely on their clever moniker (not to mention their CD booklet's comic book story line and artwork), the fact is their music simply ain't all that stellar. Neither is it at all bad, mind you, and when matched to the consistently entertaining lyrics behind silly song titles like "Hats Made of Veal and That New Car Scent," "I Am the Carcass," and "A Hot Pink Shell of My Former Self," their often-interchangeable sludge metal riffs are easier to forgive. Far more memorable, thanks to better licks and wider contrasts of heft and light, are "A Distant Pond From the Rivers of Human Limelight," "Climax of a Nightmare" and the quite possibly brilliant "Parasite Hilton and Other Flaws Inherent to Wealth," whose sole refrain consists of the words "Run slut run" shrieked over and over. That right there may justify the attention of enthusiasts for hardcore-inflected sludge, and, along with the"

American Nightmare - Background Music

at 9:26 PM
"Hardcore from Boston, that is the place I think of when I think of hardcore and American Nightmare provide just that. This is one of the heaviest slabs of angry hardcore that has ever hit the streets of Boston. When you think about it, the boys of Boston have probably been bred on the NY scene so why should they be any different. American Hardcore formed back in 1999 and after thrashing fans at their live shows they got a deal with Bridge Nine. Before they new it they were signed to the influential Equal Vision label and were in the studio for Background Music (produced by NY hardcore Dean Baltulonis (Madball, Right Brigade, Ten Yard Fight). This album is most definitely not for the faint-hearted as it is a terror of a hardcore album. I am amazed at how Wes Eisold can slam his voice like he does, night after night, and still talk the next morning. When you are through the 11 track that American Nightmare put you through, you will be begging the 5-piece for mercy."

Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade

at 9:22 PM
"Bolt Thrower are known somewhat as experts of their genre, death metal. Simply because they have the undoubted talent to create some of the heaviest and ferocious music with uncompromising double bass drum beats, low growls and unbeatable solo's. It's the very latter element that makes this band so damned special. The ability to create catchy solo after catchy solo is a must-have in the industry today if you want to make fans and maintain the one's you have. The use of two guitarists acts in the favour of Bolt Thrower. A mesmerising melodic masterpiece. An epic of all proportions."

Breach - Friction

at 9:16 PM
"Track 12 consists of 2 songs. "Detached" seems to function as instrumental outro for the actual record. After a few seconds of silence follows "Public Holocaust", a cover-song originally performed by Apesex."

Dave Attell - Skanks for the Memories

at 4:11 PM
"This Dave Attell CD, recorded in Denver, displays the comic's unique take on life. He's not exactly an optimist, yet you have to laugh at his pessimist take. I've seen him before on the "Just For Laughs" TV shows and, here, Dave ratchets up the 'blue' in his material as befits playing to a club crowd. His topics are funny, sometimes gross, but always inventive, and you've gotta love his neat trick of ending his sentences on a surprising note. It's not for the prudish, but other than that, listen and enjoy."

Miltown - S/t

at 2:39 PM

Folkish-rock. I dont know.

Terrorizer - World Downfall

at 2:36 PM
"Engineered by the legendary Scott Burns (who also worked on the best grindcore album ever, Misery Index), World Downfall is chaulk-full of amazing songs, sixteen to be exact. From theinitial double bass hits of "After World Oblieration" to the fade out of "World Downfall," the listener is barraged with images of corporate greed, nuclear war, zombies, and possibly your own sterility. Such themes (as typical as they may be) work well with the vicious riffing and Oscar Garcia's low grunts. "Dead Shall Rise" is the relentless highlight, never letting up in brutality and pace. Resisting to throw up the horns or claws to lyrics like "THE DEAD SHALL RISE FROM THE GRAVE TO DESTROY ALL MANKIND" is futile. Just try not to, you pansy. Much of World Downfall's appeal lies in its consistency; you won't find a single weak riff, bum note, or botched drum hit anywhere on this album. It's an inalienable classic. Fuck off."

Common - Can I Borrow A Dollar?

at 2:25 PM
"This album shows a young, confident, and talented Common Sense kicking flavor over some truly dope beats. There’s no filler, no fluff, and no b.s. It’s just an ill MC getting busy over tight beats. Rap music from today could really use a return to the music of this era because raw skills have been replaced by marketability and it’s truly saddening. If you want a taste of what cats like me were listening to when we were young (I was 15 at the time), then cop this disc ; you won’t be dissapointed. Highly reccomended."

Friday at 9:05 PM
I'm not trying to advertise for them. Just movies to download. Usually updated everyday.

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today

at 8:04 PM

"If you're looking for a new hardcore band in the vein of Minor Threat, definitely check out the Gorilla Biscuits. I haven't heard their EP but it's probably equally as good as this CD. It's a shame that this band wasn't around longer, but I think they did what they needed to do and that's all that matters. These fourteen tracks are a testament to truly great American punk music. "

Anthrax - Spreading the Disease

at 8:01 PM

Much like their cross country genre-mates, Anthrax plays a standard thrash metal song. This is of course is why they're part of the Big Four, no questions asked. The lead/rhythm guitar tandem of Scott Ian and Dan Spitz is incredibly tight. Any song on the album can show you that. The pair's performance is superb, and helps define the album's sound. Each song contains several pedal to the metal riffs which do not cease to amaze me. As any excellent thrash metal record does, they contain excesses of energy and aggression. One of the band's more popular songs, Madhouse is an excellent example of the attitudes of Anthrax, and the effort they put into their music. The excellent musicianship that is present in the recording is also very evident, as Anthrax does not have a member that is significantly weaker than another. Fans will definitely get their money's worth in this area."

Hot Water Music - Forever and Counting

at 7:57 PM

Good music right here folks. A classic, I'd say.

Dystopia - The Aftermath

at 7:52 PM

"Musically and lyrically, Dystopia covers the styles one would expect: ultra-heavy, sludge-dripping crust-metal, laden with disconcerting audio samples illustrating the misery that is living in modern society. Dino’s vocals are still some of the most intense I’ve ever heard -- they become more choked and desperate with every album, but it seems like he’s lost some of the nasal whininess that made his vocals on the first album so memorable. Dino’s drumming is as competent as always, although it’s a little less complex than some of the arrangements on The Aftermath. Guitarist Matt, a.k.a. Mauz, still plays with a mostly clean, shimmering tone that contrasts nicely with Todd’s intricate and distorted basslines. Unfortunately, Matt’s previously complementary vocal style has become a full-on death grunt in Dystopia, which serves to remove a lot of the pathos from his vocal parts. Dystopia does try a few things on this album that they had previously shied away from: “Illusion of Love” mixes up the rhythmic doom with some blast-beats, and “My Meds Aren’t Working” has some soft fingerpicking. "

D.O.A - Hardcore 81

at 7:47 PM

"Joey ***head- Guitar, Vocals
Randy Rampage- Bass
Chuck Biscuits- Drums

The lineup on the album is what is considered the "Classic" lineup. Chuck Biscuits was a 17 year old brat who was amazing at drums. This is the last album with Chuck and Randy Rampage on it, until Randy joined the band again for their album Win the Battle. Chuck Biscuits went on to drum for Black Flag, Social Distortion, and Danzig. Duff McKagan considers Randy Rampage to be a huge influence. He has said that he tried to copy his style, and was a big fan of D.O.A."

Great Starting Point.

Discordance Axis - Necropolitan EP

at 7:40 PM
"Since their split, Discordance Axis have experienced something of a cult revival amongst grindcore fans. Listening to this album there’s no real mystery why: the combination of rapid blast beats, unique, discordant riffing structures and painful, shrieking vocals creates a remarkably aggressive, brutal and wholly chaotic wall of noise. The level of chaos and intensity Discordance Axis consistently generated is the envy of grind bands internationally."

Defeatist - Thanatonic State EP

at 7:36 PM

Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia

at 7:31 PM

"It's always interesting for me to travel back through band discographies and discover earlier works because, in a lot of instances, the recordings found can be unexpected or just plain startling. This is especially the case for the Cave In's first release, an unruly set of songs under the name of Beyond Hypothermia. Rather than a full length LP, the disc is instead a collection of ten tracks made out of various older recordings and a few newer ones from circa 1995 to 1998. Most of the songs are here are either gritty, chaotic, loud, or all three put together, but some have been dubbed over with fresh guitar tracks in an effort to clean things up a bit."

Goblin Cock - Come With Me If You Want To Live

at 7:28 PM
"To those who are concerned about false, dilettantish, or "hipster" metal, know that there are many things Goblin Cock are not: punishing, uncompromising, extreme, dour, and most of all, hip. But they are often a lot of fun. There's less metal posturing here than before, and the songs have taken on a slower and sludgier bent. Much like Crow's other projects, there are numerous little melodies, counter-rhythms, and unexpected earworms tucked into the songs. With Goblin Cock, gleeful boneheadedness meets melodic restlessness. "We Got a Bleeder" should gain steam from the relentless repetition of its one-note chug, but Crow can't help but have the song fold back on itself with a vocal harmony. Thundering bass lays out a melodic anchor to the slow churn of "Big Up Your Willies", which closes with a glassy, alien instrument tapping out new rhythms, all while Crow sings "raise our willies high up" on the key-changing chorus (if I've deciphered the lyric sheet correctly; it's written in runes)."

God Dammit!

at 4:52 PM
I just deleted my hit counter!

Zozobra - Harmonic Tremors

at 4:23 PM
"Zozobra is a side project of Caleb Scofield (Cave In / Old Man Gloom) and Santos Montano (Foresnsics / Old Man Gloom). Harmonic Tremors is a merry-go-round of doom metal ridden on the flaming horses of Scofield’s growl and some absolutely devastating guitar riffs. The album starts off with the harmonious soft crooning and relatively soft guitars (definite Cave In sound here) of “The Blessing.” It’s a rather upbeat song, one of the more bright and smiling tracks on the album. That is until about four minutes in, and the soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic world that Zozobra seems all too fitting to live in kicks in. Everything slows down and everything gets heavier. The end of “The Blessing” previews what is truly the overbearing weighty nature of Harmonic Tremors. While tracks such as “Soon to Follow” and “Kill and Crush” do exactly what the latter suggests, little atmospheric moments in “Leviator” are peppered throughout; it doesn’t lighten the overall mood, though. These atmospheric moments have all the pressure of sitting at the bottom of the ocean with those creepy fish with lights on their heads. "

Zann - Three Years in the Desert

at 4:20 PM
"After tons of split releases with Funeral Diner, Racebannon, Anger is Beautiful, Blame Game a own 7" and discography CD - this is their first full length with 6 songs (28 minutes). The new record is so far the best recorded material by this band ? which sometimes let me think on all those good old brutal german bands ala Acme, Loxiran and so on. If you want your hardcore varied, volcanic and intense, independent not only in theory but also in practice, with thoughtful, socially aware lyrics, then Zann is your thing."


Young Widows - Old Wounds

at 4:16 PM

"Old Wounds is the perfect example of a band hitting their stride. Young Widows, the result of the reorganization of hardcore standouts Breather Resist, delivered an accomplished debut with 2006's Settle Down City, a record showcasing the trio's newfound direction of Jesus Lizard-esque noisy rock. Fast forward two years and they've found a slightly peculiar home on Temporary Residence and, with Old Wounds as evidence, have completely dialed in their sound by achieving a precise balance between thick, driving bass lines, relentlessly strong drumming, and atypical guitar lines."

Hour of the Wolf - Waste Makes Waste

at 4:09 PM
"This band channels the back-alley, fire-breathing menace of Poison Idea, mixed with a whoa'd hookiness gene-spliced from Danzig's hair follicles or even the fingernails of an hungry young A.F.I., plus just a dash of Billy Zoom's silver-flaked glitter guitar-but under duress, like he'd been kidnapped and forced to supply his Chuck Berry-isms at gunpoint. The guitars actually have a nervous, amphetamine-addled edge that almost conjures up the ghost of Drive Like Jehu. It's a potent mix. Instead of coming off like empty placeholders for something mercurial that's gone tepid, Hour of the Wolf molest some of rock and roll's stale signifiers until they actually sound dangerous again."

Coming from Arizona, I had to post this.

Transistor Transistor - S/t

at 4:05 PM

"Eight songs in less than twenty minutes. They pound their drums fast, they have sharp, choppy riffs, and they scream a lot and sing a little bit. The songs are coherent and well crafted, but played with a ferocity that has become too rare. It's like riding in a car that's being driven a bit too fast. It's like punching your dad. It's like what you remember punk sounding like the first time it blew your mind's ass."

Towers - S/t

at 3:58 PM

"Like Burning Witch at 666 miles per hour, Towers' first full-length is a harsh, cleansing blast of nasty death 'n' roll that manages to weld speed to heaviness. Mangled, corroded un-riffs replace any tangible melodies, further adding to a real sense of world-ending chaos. Vocals flail and drums thunder. Teeth gnash and the hellmouth opens. This is totally great."


at 3:50 PM
330 views isn't so bad, I guess. I encourage you to come back, as I plan on updating this every day if possible. I'll probably shoot my load when I get my first blog follower.

Dianogah - As Seen From Above

at 2:48 AM
"Dianogah is a Chicago post-rock combo with an unusual bass-bass-drums line-up (bassists Jay Ryan and Jason Harvey, drummer Kip McCabe). The singles 100% Tree (1995) and Garden Airplane Trap (1996), later collected on the EP Old Material New Format (MyPalGod), revealed the influence of Slint. The mostly-instrumental album As Seen From Above (Actionboy, 1997) is a subtle exercise in rhythm and tension."

Some instumental shit.

Death - Leprosy

at 2:46 AM
"By many, it is considered the best record from DEATH; true old school Death Metal. It is enforced by well structured songs, containing elements that were inspired by bands like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST; fast, melodic solos, and heavy riffs with groove and speed. The tracks are more epic, more melodic and less primitive than displayed on their debut, yet it will cut you like a chainsaw from Hades. A grim atmosphere, offensive guitars, pounding drums and the most demonic vocals ever."

Buzzoven - Sore

at 2:43 AM

"I have no idea how the band ever completed this record, let alone any others. The band was always hopped on one drug or another. There are rumors floating around that when Roadrunner signed the band, they had a release/signing party, where members of the band injected heroin in front of the Roadrunner executives. Well, to my knowledge none of the members have died yet, which comes as a surprise."

Annihilation Time - Tales of the Ancient Age

at 2:40 AM
"Take the best of Black Flag and blend it with classic rock like Black Sabbath and, in the right proportions, you’ll get this nice little hybrid sound called Annhilation Time."

That got me.

American Nightmare - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter

at 2:36 AM
"A part of me was hoping they wouldn’t progress very much, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it right? However they did change, quite a bit in my opinion. It’s sort of like they focused more on being nuts then composing songs with a lot of elements, which turns out to be a good thing at times. It has gotten more metal, less old school and the lyrics seem even darker. American Nightmare’s lyrics are intense and emotional, often dealing with “heart break” and things like that. One of the best things about American Nightmare are these emotional lyrics. Included in this 5 song 7” is 2 covers, one by the amazing Boston band The Trouble and one by the classic NYHC Cro-Mags, both are excellent but The Trouble cover is my favourite track on the 7”. Finally, the last great thing about American Nightmare is the artwork on both 7”s, dark and extremely well done, it’s quite obvious that the guy that did this 7”s artwork will have a career in art."

Brotha Lynch Hung & C-bo - Blocc Movement

at 1:29 AM

I like rap.

Buried at Sea - Migration

at 1:26 AM

Needs no review. Heavy as shit. Your bowels will drop.

Architects - Ruin

at 1:23 AM

"Architects sophomore effort is an impressive release. The band retain all the qualities that made their debut so entertaining and incorporate new elements into their sound, such as clean vocals. Well worth checking out if you like technical metal."

Akimbo - Elephantine

at 1:20 AM
"To describe their sound, I'd have to say: imagine thirty-thousand Rick James bitch slaps. Now imagine how those would feel if they were delivered audibly through eleven tracks with names like "Bitten From The Thigh of Zeus" and "I'm a Fucking Ice Giant." That's right, not only do they tear shit up, but they have a God complex as well."

Ghosts & Vodka - Addicts and Drunks

Thursday at 10:36 PM
"Futuristic Genitalia" is just plain ridiculous in how good it is. There are enough pull-offs in the lead riff that I'm sure Jimi Hendrix is looking down from rock 'n' roll heaven and giving his respects. "Is That A Person?" feels like an outtake from Don Caballero's masterful II. The beautiful middle act of this song contains some breathtaking distorted harmonics vying for equal attention alongside some thunderous riffing. "Cowboys and Sailors", from the Memento Mori seven-inch single, is a pop gem that sounds like Eddie Van Halen jamming with Braid. It's delightfully catchy but still finds moments to knock your jaw clean to the floor. "

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

at 10:20 PM
"This is bludgeoning stoner doom, a simple exercise in slow and crushing riffs that roll slowly out one after the other in a wall of noise. "Dopethrone" is a complete regression, disappearing back beyond the dawn of metal, into the crust of an age past where all that existed was an ancient slime. Taking the huge, dark, blues-influenced riffs of early Black Sabbath as a starting point - the sound of metal still unformed - Electric Wizard detune several steps further, all the while amping up the distortion to absurd levels. "

Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me

at 10:10 PM
"You're Living All Over Me, the most exciting and coherent of the three reissues, is a study (if there could be such a thing) in guitar rock abandon. Hearing it again after many years, it still sounds like a recording made just for one. That "one" being whomever happens to be listening at the time. It gives off the feeling that you're not listening to a record, per se, but rather have stumbled into the practice space of the best unknown guitar band in the world. They don't know you're there, so they just keep playing with everything they are. That sort of sincerity is present on this CD (and on Dinosaur and Bug) and it's one of the details that seems to be harder and harder to find."

Devin the Dude - Just Tryin' Ta Live

at 10:05 PM
"Devin himself retains all the best qualities from his previous, much lower profile release, particularly his sense of humor. More importantly, he has started to really nail his penchant for scene setting and story telling. One would expect a constant weed smoker to be a little more observational by default than most, and with tracks like "R&B", "Who's That Man, Moma", "Doobie Ashtray" and "Just a Man" he fully sinks into the songs, even holding his own on vocals with mega-crooner Raphael Saadiq."
at 9:55 PM
"All in all, Anger is one of the best hardcore releases of 2006, with its unique brand of hardcore and well-written lyrics. Whether people can look past "boycotts" and see Dangers for the band they are (instead of the song they wrote) is another subject. Anger will enthrall you both physically as you jump around and mentally as you pick up the liner notes and read along."

Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel

at 9:51 PM

You should know what this is.

Coliseum - Goddamage

at 9:45 PM
"For a record that comes off as a bit negative at first, Goddamage leaves you smiling after every listen. It is every bit as good on the hundredth listen as it is the first time and leaves you salivating for more. Coliseum has set a high bar for themselves with this monster of an EP and will re-ignite the punk rock fire in even the most jaded of scenesters."

500 ft of Pipe - Dope Deal

at 9:22 PM
"Taken a bit by surprise by this band right off the bat. 500 Ft. of Pipe blasts through ten tracks of pure rock energy that is a cross between the MC5 and Nebula. It's got that late 60's vibe of MC5 with its feel good rock and roll/garage riffs and newer twists...totally fuzzed out and relentless the whole way through."

420 ta goeoaooa.

Dave Chapelle - Live 2004

at 9:17 PM

Please excuse the confusing file names. They should be in order.

Louis C.K. - Live in Hoboken

at 9:15 PM

Funny stuff right here.

Melvins - Houdini

at 9:11 PM
"Honey Bucket 10/10-Greatest song on the album. PURE CRUSHING SLUDGE METAL ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Riff after riff ripping your head off. It has Dale Crover playing at his best. Buzz kicks out amazingly heavy riffs without getting all that complicated. What really shines though is the bass. Normally The Melvins have a bad time when it comes to getting a good bassist willing to play with them. Lori Black compliments this song well with her distorded bass lines. I love this song."

Eyehategod - Dopsick

at 9:08 PM

"But what really defines this album is the palpable sense of futility and anger generated by the band, and as such, "Anxiety Hangover," the last song, serves as the perfect summation for Dopesick. The song starts off with amped up feedback blues, Robert Johnson's "Last Fair Deal Gone Done," played with the distortion pedal locked on, while the singer screams unintelligible invectives most likely about addiction or depression or whatever else a poor, hungry, broken down junkie yells about; at about three minutes in, it switches to an up-tempo romp for a few measures before deteriorating into a feedback laden crawling swamp dirge, ending with what can only be called diseased howls and a breaking bottle (a fitting end, considering the album opens with the sound a bottle breaking and the singer moaning in pain)."

Why would you not want to download?

Smashing Pumpkins - Pisces Iscariot

at 5:24 PM
"Pisces Iscariot is a compilation album of B-sides, demos, and outtakes released in 1994 by The Smashing Pumpkins through Virgin Records."

Tera Melos - S/t

at 5:06 PM
"Becoming the up-in-coming fledgling flagship of instrumental-rock, Tera Melos diverge into quite an interesting motif; post-hardcore tendencies set to an often overbearing techno backdrop. The band is consistent for the most part with their sound, waning in impact only during the moments in which electronics over take the rest of the band (“Melody 5”). Though this is slightly forgivable, for tracks like “Melody 4” and “Melody 2” is reason enough to lend an ear."

This is the only album I've enjoyed from them.